45qt Hard Cooler

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Our 45qt Hard Cooler is ready for your next adventure! Keep your ice frozen and your snacks chilled for much longer than your typical cooler. This particular cooler holds up to 40 lbs of ice, perfect for a weekend on the water! Plus, you can easily squeeze in a 36-pack of your favorite refreshments. 


Cool Perks:

  • Our Quick-Drain speeds up the process of draining your cooler, because after a long weekend on the trails no one wants to wait around for the slow drain. Your girlfriend more than likely isn't in the mood to dead-lift a heavy cooler to pour it out, either. Pull the drain plug and let our Drain Spout do the work.
  • With our Lock System, you're always protecting your valuable beverages from thirsty outsiders. When you're in a survival situation, there's no telling what your fellow campers will do to get to that last soda, but one thing is for sure, they won't be sneaking into your stash.
  • Have you ever been out on your favorite lake, ripping in and out of the waves, but stuck holding down your crew's cooler so it doesn't take off and run over Jessica's precious toenails? Our Non-Slip Feet will prevent any sudden movement while you're on the move.
  •   Our hard coolers are built with a Sweat-Free Material, so you won't have to worry about cleaning up any puddles when you're finished with your journey.
  • The reason our hard coolers hold ice for such a long time is because of our 3" Insulated Walls, Heavy Duty Gaskets and Fail Proof Hinges which together guarantee a freezer tight seal. The only time you'll lose your precious cold will be when you reach in to grab another perfectly chilled drink. At that point, though, it's worth it.
  •  No one wants a bunch of hand blisters from lifting a cooler with rough handles. Transporting your cooler from A to B has never been easier with our High Grade Rope Grips. These ingenious handles make for easy, comfortable carrying. 



    • Holds up to 40 lbs of ice
    • Holds up to 36 cans
    • Holds 11.25 gallons
    • Holds 45 quarts
    • Weight: 17.5 lbs

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